Phantom Pain

from by Mrs. Skannotto



There's a heightened sense of urgency
Bringing me back to the fold
Defiance & perversity
Tired of being controlled
(The phantom pain of an amputee
Feeling its way through the cold, to a…)
There's a heightened sense of urgency
A heightened sense of urgency

It's been a long, tame
Comical decline
We wanted pain
But we're coming up victim prone
& quality controlled
Vetted all the way
To conform to the mold

A sing-along song trade
They buy it every time
Attenuate 'till the
Formula fits the tone
A poverty of soul
Bet it all the way
Who can blame
What's been done before

They play the wrong game
& it's better to deny
They wanted fame
So they follow the system clone
polled, paid, & sold
& rated on display
Too decayed to ignore

It's been a long con played on
Plentiful supply
The indignation of
Aberrant wayward proles
Who won't conform to the goal
Fed into the vein
To the frame of a common core


from Outlier, released April 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Mrs. Skannotto Rochester, New York

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