by Mrs. Skannotto



The latest release from alternative ska-rock band Mrs. Skannotto was created while the band was taking a victory lap following two years of national touring — and they have crossed the finish line with overflowing creative energy and a musical depth that comes only when experience and passion are this deeply rooted. From reggae and third-wave ska to punk and heavy rock, “Outlier” reflects the eclectic musical backgrounds and styles of its six Rochester, N.Y.-based musicians. The album is an exploration of divergent musical genres that ultimately delivers an original and intriguing sound. Listening from front to back, the 11 songs explode as the smooth yet powerful vocals blend with ambitious guitar grooves and the dramatic drums, bass, and horns drive the tracks’ rhythmic energy and clever lyrics, making you think and then dance … and then hit the play button over and over again.


released April 1, 2014

Mrs. Skannotto is:
Joe Harmon - Vocals
Mike Frederick - Guitar
Justin Lloyd - Trumpet
Dan Carter - Bass
Evan Dobbins - Trombone
Alex Bochetto - Drums

Recorded by Matt Goodwin @ Hope Alive Media, Farmington, NY

Mixed & Mastered by Matthew Saccuccimorano, Scaramanga Industries @ Moonbase Alphalfa, Ithaca, NY

Produced by Mrs. Skannotto

Album art by Joey Foote



all rights reserved


Mrs. Skannotto Rochester, New York

We are now Burn It Up! Please join us at: BurnItUpMusic.com

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Track Name: The Outlier
I'm gonna
Wait 'til the moment comes
Wait 'til the moment comes
Well I better
Wait 'til the moment comes
Wait 'til the moment comes
Yeah I better wait

What's that you've signed
Are you out of your mind
What a waste of sovereignty

No sense of pride
Or patience applied
To say you're aligned with
It's plain enough to me

I'm gonna
Wait 'til the moment comes
Wait 'til the moment comes
I don't wanna
Hate what I may become
I'll wait 'til the war is won
Yeah, I better wait

Look what you've done
Who's side are you on
What a trade for sanity

No common ground
Or candor you've found
Could rationalize this
Blanket amnesty

Not enough for me

I'm gonna
Wait 'til the moment comes
Wait 'til the moment comes
Well I'd rather
Stay 'til the will goes numb
& wait 'til the moment comes
Will I, will I, will I...

Will I always
Wait 'til the moment comes
Wait 'til the moment comes
Yeah I better
Taste the blood on my tongue
& wait 'til the war is won
Well I better wait
Track Name: The Zealot
The Zealot doesn't know it
His disciples don't agree
They're all afraid to show it
But it's obvious to me

They meant to heed his warning
& let him lead the way
But it's difficult to follow
I'm sure that's what they'll say

There's a long way back by now
Or one way down

Now the spell is broken
& the jaded start to flee
Contrition goes unspoken
But it's all the same to me

The Zealot seems in mourning
He's tethered to the floor
A credence self-informing
needs obstinate support

Now I see it sober
I guess I've been set free
A choice to start it over
Or dive into the breach

Uncertainty's insipid
It's awkward & mundane
But here they go, back to bona fide
I think I'd rather stay

Way down
Track Name: .tribe
Once I bet on forming
A better way
To watch the story fold

I began unclothing
A more innate devotion
Woven low

A better way
To keep on going
A better way
To form the message

& let us all enact our glory
& leave a record wrapped intact to grow

But if I came here to be left alone
Then your reaction to me is best unknown
(But) I should've seen the warning
To follow
The tribe…

Once again I'm burning
Recrimination candles
& all told

I could call it working
& leave an almanac
Unpacked to probe

You better wait
& Keep on guessing
You better wait
To form the lesson

& we can all redact our story
A coalition cracked & made up
To wade up by the shore

Freely follow
Seal me hollow

Conceal me
Why follow
Track Name: The Losing Side
You gave me the losing side
What'd you think, I would let it slide into hate
'Cause it happened before
Only the ghosts will remain once you close the door

Don't let me wait for someone to call it decline.
Won't hear me say: "what an honor for keeping us guessing"
Don't have me pay for the muse at your side
Choosing your pride as we lose your soul

The world's heard it all before
Once you blink, they let it go, clean the slate
Everyone picks a side
It don't mean they're all meant to gain what your pain implied

Don't let me stay for someone to come & decide
Don't care to wait for an adage you gave as a blessing
Won't hear me pray for the faith that you stole
You can control when we lose your soul

Don't let me lose your soul

They gave you the losing side
What'd they think, you would let them ride on your fate
Through the crack in the door
Don't tease the ghosts at the gait that you can't ignore

Don't hesitate for someone to spy a design
A simple bait, unworthy of even confessing
A Forth Estate to abuse & cajole
& use as a spine while we lose your soul

They can't hurt you anymore
With your virtue embedded for them to sate
Through the cracks in the floor
It won't fill the vacuous facts you've been vetted for

Don't run away, inviting your burden to hide
Make no mistake, there's a hollow in need of addressing
Another day with abuse as your guide
Choosing your side as we lose your soul

Don't let me lose your soul
Track Name: Phantom Pain
There's a heightened sense of urgency
Bringing me back to the fold
Defiance & perversity
Tired of being controlled
(The phantom pain of an amputee
Feeling its way through the cold, to a…)
There's a heightened sense of urgency
A heightened sense of urgency

It's been a long, tame
Comical decline
We wanted pain
But we're coming up victim prone
& quality controlled
Vetted all the way
To conform to the mold

A sing-along song trade
They buy it every time
Attenuate 'till the
Formula fits the tone
A poverty of soul
Bet it all the way
Who can blame
What's been done before

They play the wrong game
& it's better to deny
They wanted fame
So they follow the system clone
polled, paid, & sold
& rated on display
Too decayed to ignore

It's been a long con played on
Plentiful supply
The indignation of
Aberrant wayward proles
Who won't conform to the goal
Fed into the vein
To the frame of a common core
Track Name: Entropy
Let it wait you told me
Don't destroy the message
What's a miracle

One to bait the notion
One to keep them guessing
Cleaner to control

The truth will be the bone
So savor the meat
& watch us hobble on
& chain you with wings

What's a miracle

Let's do it over
One set to save, one to ignore
Let's do it over
The reasons you gave were riddled & worn
(No sense a lifetime living with war)
Let's do it over
Words were made to sow

Rein it in you told me
Weighed to hold moments
Balanced to be sold

One to wane the border
Broken in the making
One to brace the mold

The truth will be alone
So save your defeat
& watch us peddle on
& chain you with wings

What's a miracle
Track Name: Way Home
How long do we have to reside
In a place we've surrounded with bones
The wrong kind of waste
A home with no door

& here we go, one way, forever
The bored god waits, alone with design

Until we know why

Heal me over
On my way home

How long are we meant to be blind
To a place we were long to behold
The dull, steady pace of under control

Where here we close away our wonder
The lost god waits, alone with design

Until we know why

Heal me over
On my way home

Where'd you go, my amazement
How could you walk out on me
Once so guided & graceful
Now there's no guarantee

Until we know, I won't surrender
While the patient god awaits
Alone with desire

If you see me close my eyes

Then raise me over
Guide my way home
Track Name: Big Mother
It's not your burden to be bemoan
I know, I know, I know!
Simple servility is
All you'll beg to show

Listen to me
& need what I say
Don't hold your duty to owe
This independence will bend to decay
With only your will to control

We're not concerned with your intent
Just smile & temper your dissent
Display your duty to owe

You'll acquiesce & stress
A subtle sense of variance in tone
Oh, what a truth to behold

It's not your duty to atone
I don't, I don't, I don't!
We'll try to lesson your
Obsession with your soul

We think it clever, your design
To fake whatever you can find
To bind your beauty below

You'll be audacious in your
Gracious shift to subtle faith in laws
It's now your duty to owe
Track Name: Cadence
Don't make a sound
I'm running on pretense
& I won't let you follow
'Cause you're starting to make sense

& I'd rather bury
My patience
When the world gets so hollow
You fill it with cadence

For some reason
We can't hold our cohesion
Where did the bind go
It's uneven
We can't let this void deepen

What makes you stay, oh
Where did the time go
(What makes you sane, oh
Where did my mind go)

Show me a sign
That you're wearing the stasis
& I won't let you wallow
I'll carry the weightless

I'd much rather share it
My hatred
When the world sets on fire
You make it contagious

For some reason
We can't form a faux Eden
Where did the light go
There's no beacon
We can't let our soul weaken

For some reason…

Where did the bind go
Where did the time go
Where did the light go
Where did my mind go
Where did my mind go
Track Name: I Don't Care
You can stare 'til your
Face starts twitchin'
I don't care
I don't care
You run your mouth
Like you're on a mission
I don't care anymore
Disinclined to invite your attrition
I don't care
I don't care
You let it out
But I don't care anymore

So forceful, the way you turn to me
More strange though
Your story couldn't be less interesting

It's in your eyes
You're already on what next to say
You turn down the radio for
Your song of praise to mediocrity

You can stare 'til your
Face starts twitchin'
I don't care
I don't care
You scream & shout
Like you're on commission
I don't care anymore
Unimpressed with the
Line you're pitching
I don't care
I don't care
Just let it out
But I don't care anymore

Close quarters incarcerating me
So tired
Your cry inspired seething apathy

& I'm inclined to drive you to
Drown in my disdain
& tear down the podium for your
Humdrum, droning undertow of sound

'Cause I don't care anymore

Syncopate the inessential lore
From your cacophony of clown
Because unbound
I found it most insipid

Vapid unrelenting self-absorption
A pablum so profound
Fasten your trap, old chap
Or I'm bound to suffocate

You can stare 'til your
Face starts twitchin'
I don't care
I don't care
Please allow me an intermission
I don't care anymore
You can grind on your blind audition
I don't care
I don't care
You're just a lout
& I don't care anymore