The Losing Side

from by Mrs. Skannotto



You gave me the losing side
What'd you think, I would let it slide into hate
'Cause it happened before
Only the ghosts will remain once you close the door

Don't let me wait for someone to call it decline.
Won't hear me say: "what an honor for keeping us guessing"
Don't have me pay for the muse at your side
Choosing your pride as we lose your soul

The world's heard it all before
Once you blink, they let it go, clean the slate
Everyone picks a side
It don't mean they're all meant to gain what your pain implied

Don't let me stay for someone to come & decide
Don't care to wait for an adage you gave as a blessing
Won't hear me pray for the faith that you stole
You can control when we lose your soul

Don't let me lose your soul

They gave you the losing side
What'd they think, you would let them ride on your fate
Through the crack in the door
Don't tease the ghosts at the gait that you can't ignore

Don't hesitate for someone to spy a design
A simple bait, unworthy of even confessing
A Forth Estate to abuse & cajole
& use as a spine while we lose your soul

They can't hurt you anymore
With your virtue embedded for them to sate
Through the cracks in the floor
It won't fill the vacuous facts you've been vetted for

Don't run away, inviting your burden to hide
Make no mistake, there's a hollow in need of addressing
Another day with abuse as your guide
Choosing your side as we lose your soul

Don't let me lose your soul


from Outlier, released April 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Mrs. Skannotto Rochester, New York

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